Have you written your book yet?

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

What are you waiting for?

Recently I was on my client/friend's podcast, CONNECT, SHARE, PROSPER PODCAST with Chas Wilson.

Here is the link to the Youtube video:

Anyway...Chas asked me at the end to "Brag about my most proud moment in my business career. Without even thinking about it, my immediate response was, "The moment that I was holding the author's copy of my printed book in my hands!"

The book is titled: "Walls of Wisdom: Turning Pain Into Profit" - available on Amazon by clicking the title!

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I had spent many, many years thinking about and talking about writing a book. I had a moment of clarity while we were living in Las Vegas. It was a moment like I'll never forget. An overwhelming feeling of, "YOU have to write your book...NOW"

That evening, I set my goal of getting my book completed in 7 days. I began writing as if my life depended on it. The first night I wrote out (most of) my chapter titles and outlined the flow of my book in my head. I later discovered that it all changes a lot as you are writing. But HEY! I started. I got my book started and I was NOT about to miss my target date.

We were also in the midst of getting the heck out of Vegas and moving back to with all of the packing and planning, it set me back a few days but within 10 days my book was complete (mostly).

My wife is the Queen of Grammar, so I asked her to begin editing the book without removing my "voice". And I asked her to if she could get it done in ONE day LOL! (she wasn't thrilled with that task since we had just moved into our new home here in Ohio and she was busy "nesting" and unpacking. I think she knocked it out in a few days (yes I was pressuring her! 😂😂

“It was a moment like I'll never forget. An overwhelming feeling of, "YOU have to write your book...NOW"”

It wasn't long afterward and with some help and guidance from my buddy Richard Trevino, that my book was up on Amazon and preparing to get the launch started!

I launched my book on October 6, 2017. I had planned an online launch party where I ended up doing a livestream on Facebook for 6.5 hours straight! My adrenaline was pumping!

My book was in the toughest category on Amazon (Self Help). I made it to #92 in the top 100. Once you break the top 100 marker, you are officially a "Best Selling Author"! My book was up there with the likes of Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Zig Ziglar and many other legends. I never in a million years expected to become a best selling author. In fact, I said to myself that if I didn’t sell a single book, I wouldn’t care. I WROTE and published my first book. That’s all that mattered to me. The amazing support I received from friends and followers around the world that night, absolutely blew my mind! I even found out later that the LEGENDARY “King of Sales”, Jeffrey Gitomer even purchased five copies for his personal library!

I will forever be grateful for the overwhelming support! The photos of people all around the world with my book in hand! Just mind blowing!

About a year later I decided to launch the book again on Kindle. That is when it REALLY skyrocketed! Amazon allowed me to set the price as low as $0.99cents. Immediately, hundreds of copies sold! This shot my book to the #1 position for two different categories AND put it at #1 in the “Hot New Releases” section!

Being a #1 Bestselling Author is absolutely incredible. Grateful doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about it. It totally changes everything in life. One of the biggest changes for me has been the significant increase in my self esteem. You see, I had teachers in school that never thought I would amount to much. And the day I held my book in my hands and then getting to the #1 Bestseller spot...well, let's just say that all of those things that people had said I wouldn't be...they just kinda dissipated!

Why should YOU write a book?

You have a story. You are GREAT at something. Perhaps it is something that you "minimize" in your own head, but others tell you you're the best at it. Maybe it's something that you have thought about for months or years, but you just keep saying that "someday" I'm gonna write a book. I would suggest that you STOP putting it off! Get started on your book immediately. Here's why...

I have received messages from around the world from people who read my book and said it helped them tremendously in their journey. My book is nothing particularly special, really. It's about my life. The trials and tribulations of being a raging alcoholic and then, by the Grace of God, recovering. It's about the ups and downs of my life and my business ventures. thing that someone told me that completely changed my perspective was, "Ken you have to write and publish your book. There is someone, somewhere that you can and will help. If you don't put this information out there, you are literally stealing from the world!"

WOW! Okay. That changed my paradigm a tad!

You have a story that needs told. You have a legacy to leave. Maybe it's a cookbook so your generations of kids and grandkids will always have your special recipes. Maybe you are the very best tire repair person in the world with some really cool and secret tips to help people not get ripped off by their local tire shop (no offense to tire shops LOL). It could be that you know the coolest techniques for using certain software.

Whatever it have to put it out there.

Stop worrying about whether people are going to criticize you and your book, or not. Here's the thing...they are already criticizing you. They are! It sucks...but that is just the way a lot of people are programmed. Judging others makes them feel good about their own insecurities.

Write your book. It will change your life.

Writing my first book was one of (if not THE) most healing thing I have ever done in my life!

If you need guidance with writing your book, my buddy Richard Trevino (also a #1 Bestselling Author), created a simple-to-follow course with 50 training and teaching videos in it. A lot of people will charge thousand upon thousands of dollars to teach you how to write a book. Our simple course will teach you for just $397 for lifetime access!

You can get more info at:

I didn't write this post to sell you anything. I really don't care if you ever buy our course. There are lots of resources and courses available on the Internet!

I wrote this to encourage you. To motivate you. I wrote this article to try to convince you that YOU need to start writing you book....NOW!

Get your words onto paper or the computer...maybe even your phone. But start writing now!!

I hope you have an amazing day and are blessed in all that you do!


I am the CEO and Founder of Client Solution Innovations.

I have taken the tragedies of my life, from childhood into adulthood, and used them to intuitively know how to help just about anyone expand in their life and business. In fact, I even wrote a bestselling book about it called "Walls of Wisdom: Turning Pain Into Profit".

I have had the honor of working and consulting with some amazing business owners and celebrities around the world.

With first hand knowledge of the power of a positive mindset and 30 years experience in business, technology, sales and marketing, I founded Client Solution Innovations, a powerful technology and strategy marketing consulting firm. We help entrepreneurs identify where they may be stuck and how to breakthrough whatever it is that may be holding them back from fulfilling their true potential in business and in life.

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