Do you want to grow your brand, business or influence on social?

Do you understand the top platforms and how to effectively create content for each?

Do you want to go live but hesitate or put it off?

Are you already doing livestreams and not getting any traction?

In just eight weeks, you can learn all you need to change everything

for yourself and your business!

What To Expect with the GrOw LIVE Academy

If people don't know you, they can't do business with you.

Money follows attention.

To get more money and have more influence, you need more attention. Social is the THE best and most affordable way to build your brand, grow your business, expand your influence and increase your sales. In this eight week program, we'll cover everything you need from building confidence to developing topics, and technical requirements to engaging with your audience. With more than 50 individual training sessions, a private facebook group to interact  with others, practice videos with direct feedback and lifetime access and updates, you'll have all the expert tips and tools you need to livestream like a pro. The star of this show is you, so Let's Get Started!

The Right Tools

We'll identify all the tools you need for a livestream that presents you well, gets attention and attracts viewers.

More Than 50 Lessons

We cover everything you need including tools, techniques, topics, delivery, promotion, sharing, audience and platforms.

Connections That Count

Learn how to acknowledge and engage your audience so they share your content. Learn secrets to growing your audience in big ways!

Unlimited Access

You get unlimited access and updates so you can learn when it is convenient. Watch from your computer, tablet or mobile device.


Confidence on Camera

Developing Your Personal Brand

Understanding Social Media

Identifying Your Audience

Fan Pages

Setting Content Goals

Creating with Context

Overcoming Challenges


Topic Development

Identifying Your Communication Style

Engaging Your Audience

How To Use Comments To Grow

How To get More Followers

How to Handle Judgment

When To Engage With Haters

How Giving Will Get You More

Getting Technical

Understanding Equipment


Audio and Sound

Your Set

How You Present Yourself

To Interview Or Not To Interview

How To Bring Someone In

How To Block Someone


How To Share Your Stream

How To Promote Your Livestreams

How To Use Canva

How to Use Streamyard

How To Use Instagram Live

How To Use Youtube Live

To Schedule or Not To Schedule

Tech Tools For Design


How To Get More People To Watch

How To Get People To Share Your Streams

How To Work In The Ask


Interview How Tos

Emerging Platforms

How Often To Stream - The Right Mix

Live Q&A Every Friday in the FB Group


Developing Pillar Content

Posting By Platform

Titles That Get Attention

How To Make Your Brand Stand Out

How To Add Value To Your Streams

The Art Of The Offer

Achieving Expert Status

Getting Noticed By Major Influencers

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